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i was there on Saturday 3/31/2012, I liked it as Checkerz and loved it as Eyecandy. The best bartender ever is Renee'. my cinderella dream girl hahahaha hope she loved the yellow rose!!!!!!!!!!! tell her hi:)
-Rockstar Ricky
5453 B street Omaha,NE. 480-244-6191
My new hang out. Good energy and easy on the eyes!
Irvine, CA
I'm Dave Meil and I approve this bar!
-Dave Meil
awesome owners,hot girls, and great bar backs! way chill spot to hang drink n shoot pool with hotties........thursday nights r the best...........
newport mesa
It was epic. Epic like a donkey show or like a sunday stroll
-Peter John Michael Jewish Chris Johnston
My new hangout for sure! Ladies week was great, ladies Saturday night specials and RICH guys. The hot bartenders in bikinis bring in the guys and now with Ladies promos the gals are now coming in...keep up the specials!
The right idea! Great looking staff that are also very very friendly....Nicole is smokin!

Big Steve
-Big Steve
Temecula, Ca.
The Nalgas are dulce y perfecto! Yummy!
-Caca Nalga
Newport Mesa, CA
Eye Candy is a great place to pick up Chicks ever since they opened I have bin getting laid on a regular basis.
-Ed da Silva
8765 gtrsa
Eye Candy ROCKS! Friendly atmosphere beautiful staff, with a penchant towards forgetting most of their clothes.
-Newport Beach
Are the cops still on biker alert, whats up on that front?
loved it. liked it. will come back next weekend!
Fun place to chill and watch the games!
-Mike b
Newport beach
A great place to stop in and meet some friends, have a drink and relax. Great people, fun atmosphere and great owners, I heartily recommend Eye Candy Bikini Bar.
-Stephen Hill
Laguna Niguel, CA
Loving it, finally a place to relax and not have everyone hitting on me. thank you bikini girls.
-Megan M
Costa Mesa CA
don there vaginas speak czheck
-husda vacuma
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